Are there companies that are established just to perform employee screening as their main job? The answer is, yes. Yes there are companies which mainly deal with the process of screening employees at all costs. They specialize in employee screening on behalf of their client.

The Recruitment Companies

people_searchThere are companies which are service providers for other companies. They are contracted in order to perform the whole of the recruitment process for their client. A business enterprise or company may not have enough time and resources in order to be able recruit and get the best candidates for particular positions. They may also want to get the best through the hands of the professionals. The recruitment company is paid to perform employment screening process in order to arrive at the best employees suitable for their client. They are mainly contracted to employ senior managers for blue chip companies, accountants, sales persons and bank personnel among many other employees. Moet of the recruitment companies are made up of human resources professionals who end up getting the right candidates for their clients. The client gives them the qualifications that they need from the candidate of choice. They then advertise for the position and receive the applications on behalf of their client. The processes by conducting the interview until they are able to identify the most qualified candidates that they later present to their client. In other cases, they submit the final top crème for their client to choose from. The client is the one who makes the final decision. You should definitely take a look at certified background check that could change your life.

Security Screening Companies

employment-screening-servicesIn order to maintain high levels of security in an organization, they may employ the services of security personnel at their entrances and exits. Employees who may get out of the company premises with company property usually get caught at the gate by being exposed to vigorous security search. This type of screening also includes the process of getting the criminal records of an individual from the criminal investigative authorities. The administration can contact the CID or the police in order to get this type of records of their client. This is of utmost importance to organizations that would rather have people of high integrity in the society. These include positions like those of handling money and security jobs among many others. One can seek the services of these companies to conduct the security screening for them.

Health Recruitment Companies

In order to qualify to be healthy one should get a clean bill of health from a health facility. These health facilities can also be contracted in order to give the health conditions of employees to their employers. The screening is usually given at the beginning of an employment contract. There are some times when the health records need to be updated and therefore the health recruitment company may be called upon in order to give accurate results.